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Dmitri Sedov

Group Head of Data Intelligence, LSEG
  • Advances in Generative AI are turbocharging the pace of transformation in financial services  
  • Making data access, discovery and digital rights management easier with Microsoft Fabric 
  • Customers want to know where data is coming from and that it is secure and reliable  
  • Data Trust, built on transparency, security, and integrity of information, is integral to LSEG’s open ecosystem for financial services 

The financial services industry is at an inflection point. It’s not just about the ever-growing complexity, changing regulatory landscape, or increasing customer expectations for embedded compliance, security, hyper-personalisation and scalability. Much like the invention of the Internet or social media, the latest advances in Generative AI are turbocharging the pace of digital transformation in financial services and, virtually, everywhere.  

These are exciting times, especially for those at the forefront of this technology revolution, for companies like LSEG and Microsoft.

Reinventing the data experience 

Yesterday in a fireside chat at Microsoft’s Ignite, their annual conference, I spoke with Dipti Borkar, Vice President & GM, Microsoft, about the next-generation, open content ecosystem we are building to reinvent how our customers experience data by leveraging the power of Gen AI. 

Through our 10-year strategic partnership with Microsoft, we are redefining data excellence to equip the industry with the right tools for the next generation of financial professionals.  And it’s no small feat! Over the coming months and years, we will:  

  • Change how our customers discover and experience content; 
  • Introduce AI-enabled apps that enhance customers’ own data management and ensure data trust; 
  • Build a complex modelling infrastructure so that our customers don’t have to; 
  • Integrate and expand our flagship Workspace to simplify workflows and build secure communities; 
  • Harness AI to improve customer experience, productivity, and relevance of information. 

We are building an open, intelligent and resilient ecosystem that will utilise Microsoft’s dependable and scalable cloud infrastructure. Our customers will be able to transact easily and securely using our trusted content and analytics, their own data, and third-party data to generate insights for their clients and innovate across their own products. 

Tremendous enabler

LSEG’s trusted financial markets intelligence natively integrated into Microsoft Fabric, will make data access, discovery and digital rights management easier and more cost effective.  We are empowering our customers to focus on creating unique insights bringing the transformational power of Generative AI.

Arun Ulagaratchagan, Corporate Vice President of Azure Data at Microsoft, said “Our end-to-end analytics platform, Microsoft Fabric, will be all the more impactful with LSEG’s financial data intelligence empowering the industry to make the most of generative AI and content innovation.”

We’ve chosen Microsoft Fabric to be the cornerstone of LSEG's Data Platform for many reasons, top of the list being these three.  

Firstly, the interoperability Fabric enables across other cloud providers making it easier and more cost effective for our customers by bringing it together in one centralised location. LSEG today is a leading global financial markets infrastructure and data provider.  Fabric enables us to give ourselves and our customers the tools to interrogate our and their own data, to derive unique insights, to build analytic capabilities on top of our existing data sets co-mingled with our customers' data. This unlocks the value of our open and secure ecosystem. 

Secondly, it's a Gen AI-native platform that makes analytics and data so much more powerful.  Fabric gives us the ability to integrate data significantly faster and much more efficiently for our customers. 

Data trust is fundamental 

And my favorite reason is Fabric’s integration with Purview. A big part of what LSEG does is what we call LSEG Data Trust. 

Data Trust is integral to LSEG’s open ecosystem for financial services, built on the foundation of transparency, security, and integrity of information. And data integrity and relevance are make-or-break in Large Language Model (LLM) training in the age of Gen AI.   

Data Trust aims to deliver industry’s highest data quality, combined with verified content credentials such as provenance and auditability. This will allow our customers to ascertain the origins of their data with confidence, understand associated IP rights, and meet their regulatory and compliance standards. Customers need peace of mind to track where data is coming from, and that the data is secure and reliable.  Put simply, it’s “watermarking” for financial data.

Fabric, its Gen AI capabilities embedded into the LSEG Data Platform, and its native integration with Purview, are each powerful enablers. 

The below video provides a view of how LSEG and Microsoft's collaboration will utilise Fabric to drive significant productivity by simplifying the process of discovering, managing and distributing large content sets – see Enhanced data discoverability video.

Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2023

Watch a replay of the data intelligence session which Dmitri Sedov (Global Head, Data Intelligence, LSEG) participated in.

Watch a replay of the generative AI session which Nej D'Jelal (Global Head, Workspace Platform, LSEG) participated in.

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