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Our monthly Fixed Income Insights (Canada) Market Maps report covers currency-adjusted performance, macro drivers, shifts in yields, spreads and curves across conventional, inflation-linked and corporate bonds within the Canadian fixed income market.

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Global & Regional Fixed Income Insights: quarterly deep dive 

Robin Marshall

Director, Fixed Income ad Multi-Asset Research

Sandrine Soubeyran

Director, Global Investment Research

Join the authors of this report on their webinar to hear the answers to key questions facing investors in fixed income markets:

  • Does the recent inflation shock mean the era of zero interest rates is over?
  • Have markets re-entered a world of higher policy rates in which investor focus will shift away from duration, and back to maximising carry, yield and re-investment income?
  • How would a deep debt deflation in China impact the global fixed income outlook?
  • Do labour shortages and steeper Phillips curves mean central banks will be forced to raise inflation targets to prevent deep recessions?
Webinar at 2pm HK (for investors in the APAC region)

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