FTSE GWA Index Series

Index designed to reflect the performance of companies that have created shareholder wealth as measured by net profit, cash flow and book value.

Developed in partnership with Global Wealth Allocation Limited (GWA), the FTSE GWA Index Series capture a company's wealth creation in the form of its net income, cash flow and book value.

GWA's Wealth Allocation methodology uses audited financial statements to derive the three wealth factors: book value, cash flow and net profit. Prices are not a component of the wealth weights, so index constituent weights are less affected by market bubbles which can over-expose an index to individual companies, sectors or countries.

The series is composed of regional and country indices including the following (please see the index rules for a full list of indices):

  • FTSE GWA All-World Index
  • FTSE GWA Developed Index
  • FTSE GWA Developed Net of Tax Index
  • FTSE GWA Shariah Developed Index
  • FTSE GWA Emerging Index

Constituents are selected from the corresponding underlying universe at the time of the review and aspects such as index reviews and company classification are governed by the corresponding Index Rules of the universe index.

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