Index solutions for asset management

Choosing the right index matters. Our benchmarks across asset classes and investment objectives will help you to empower your investment decisions and drive your success.

Trusted benchmark solutions across asset classes and investment objectives 

Active and passive asset managers of all sizes and across all geographies trust FTSE Russell's benchmark, data and analytics solutions because we deliver a more accurate measure of world markets and investment strategies.

Asset managers rely on our solutions to create the best foundation for performance benchmarking and analysis, risk management, sustainable investment (SI) integration, research and market analysis. Product issuers choose to partner with FTSE Russell to help them develop their next-generation ETFs, index funds, structured products, derivatives, ETNs, UITs, CDs and more.

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Key features

Why choose FTSE Russell?


Offering a precise measure of the market across asset classes and investment objectives


Providing the foundation for the next generation of funds and ETFs


Delivering a modular framework and robust datasets for market analysis

Rules-based and transparent

Built on a rigorous, published methodology

Case studies for asset management

Democracy-screened ESG emerging market government bond indices

FTSE Russell partnered with Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA to design a democracy filter for its ESG emerging market sovereign bond universe.

An index of quality-screened US investment-grade corporate bonds

The FTSE Goldman Sachs Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index provides broad coverage of US dollar bonds while eliminating the bottom decile of low-quality issuers.

A reference index for China’s offshore green bond market

The FTSE APAC-Select Investment-Grade Green Impact USD Bond Index helped PAAMC (HK) benchmark the returns of the Chinese and Asian investment grade offshore green bond market.

Incorporating climate considerations into a multi-factor equity index

See how we pioneered a solution to integrate factors and climate considerations into a broad-market, global, equity index strategy.

Implementing a multi-asset, green investment strategy

Our client was seeking a data model to help identify new investment opportunities and support regulatory reporting in its new multi-asset climate solutions fund.

Integrating climate risk in a global bond allocation

See how one of Japan’s largest asset managers selected the FTSE Climate Risk-Adjusted World Government Bond Index (“FTSE Climate WGBI”) as the underlying performance target for a new index fund.

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