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Reuters has delivered news to financial institutions for 170 years and we are the exclusive provider of Reuters News to financial professionals. Reuters is at the heart of our news service.

Reuters - the brand, the legacy. Exclusively for our customers.

Authoritative, market-moving and objective. News you can trust.

LSEG Financial News ServiceThe exclusive provider of news to the financial community.Reuters is the world’s largest news organisation,trusted, objective and accurate for 170 years.With 2,500 journalists worldwide.Explore topical, curated news, personalised to you,breaking views commentary,top news stories picked by Reuters editors,newscasts financial video.Search LSEG Financial News Service to discover more

Only with LSEG can you get the full power of Reuters News, delivering the facts fast and adding the insight and intelligence you need through LSEG Financial News Service. It's the news you can't get anywhere else. 

From breaking stories and market-moving exclusives to analysis, investigative reporting, and insightful commentary, we provide the focal point for what matters to the financial market professional through Reuters in Workspace, alongside thousands of our other news sources – every day, and for every major market sector.

Reuters News in action

Reuters is on the ground, wherever news breaks. A global news organisation with local presence everywhere, Reuters covers the stories that matter for financial professionals – from 200 locations around the world, with 2,500 journalists, in 15 languages.

Sourced at the highest level

REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

Sourced with top policy makers, corporate leaders and market makers around the world, Reuters has access at the highest levels of government and business.

Reuters delivers best-in-class financial industry and sustainable finance news, disclosure by 50,000 publicly listed companies and expert coverage across all markets, from FX to equities, fixed income, and commodities.

Breaking news, insight and commentary

REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Combining speed with accuracy on thousands of headlines a day, Reuters delivers a stream of market-moving scoops and headline timings wins.


For unmatched financial data, news, and content coverage, delivered via a highly customised workflow experience – Workspace is built just for you. Work faster and smarter on your preferred device, either at home or in the office.

Discover the power of Workspace

News that powers your workflows

Whether it’s for monitoring the news, research and analysis, data modelling, market risk surveillance, backtesting strategies or fuelling your investor portals and apps, we combine Reuters News with thousands of other sources to deliver the news you need – however, wherever and whenever required.

Desktop and mobile

From curated news on desktop and mobile, we provide faster news monitoring across devices.

News feeds

Transforming high volumes of news to machine readable feed formats - normalised, integrated, tagged and enriched.

Portals and redistribution

Financial portals and applications that let you tailor your feed and in turn drive optimum insight.

Machine Readable News

Turn unstructured data into actionable insight with our advanced Machine Readable News solutions, delivering deep historical news archives, ultra-low latency structured news, and leading edge news analytics directly to applications.

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