Energy data and agricultural data

LSEG Point Connect

Energy and agriculture commodities data distribution and analysis made easy.

Why choose LSEG Point Connect?

Combining energy data and agriculture data from our research and forecasts team and third parties, Point Connect offers a comprehensive picture of what is driving world supply in the energy and agriculture markets. The content is provided in a single location and in a consistent format, saving your time and budget.

How it works

Point Connect content and features

Point Connect can save you the cost of acquiring data from multiple suppliers. It consolidates in a compliance-assured holistic database for your IT systems.

Fundamental data

Get the most comprehensive energy data and agriculture data for your market, on-demand.

For energy markets: See supply, transmission, demand, stock levels, actual emissions and emissions caps. View calculations and model runs by Point Carbon analysts, plus actuals from third-party information providers.

For agriculture markets: Benefit from integrated data from Lanworth, the world’s leading crop-forecasting group, alongside vessel flows, cash prices and fundamental supply and demand data – in one consolidated feed.


For energy markets: Get fast, reliable forecasts on temperature and precipitation, hydro reservoirs, ground water, snow reservoirs and more, plus data from our meteorology and hydrology environments.

For agriculture markets: Use Lanworth’s key information on global weather, satellite imagery and crop production forecasts alongside third-party data and vessel flows data.

Market prices

For energy markets: Receive prices on energy commodities and carbon products from all the major information sources available.

For agriculture markets: View cash prices alongside Lanworth’s analysis of medium to long-term price drivers.

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