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Driving sustainable growth with trusted climate data

When it comes to climate, you need data to comply with regulations, make sound competitive decisions and assess your climate-related risks and opportunities.

Climate change and its potential implications have been documented for many years. The global economy is shifting towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future to uphold the Paris Agreement and limit the increase of global temperatures to well below 2°C.

To transition to a low-carbon economy, you need data to measure and decarbonise your portfolios, identify climate risks and opportunities, and report with confidence in line with regulations  that are becoming mandatory and expanding globally.

At LSEG, we provide expert, trusted climate data to help you drive sustainable growth and transition to a low-carbon economy. 

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How we help

Driving sustainable growth with trusted climate data

LSEG has one of the most comprehensive and market-leading climate data sets in the industry, supporting customers to meet their financial and sustainability objectives, while avoiding greenwashing.

LSEG climate data provides you with a vast set of company reported climate data measures aligned with the latest disclosure standards, sophisticated analytics and innovative estimated emissions models, and complementary third-party climate data. Our climate data empowers you to have confidence in investment decision making and regulatory reporting.

As a sustainable finance industry leader, we utilise our data and expertise to continually invest in knowledge sharing and collaborate with our customers and industry partners globally. We continuously innovate and invest in capex to keep our data products relevant and aligned with the latest development in the industry.

Use Cases

Our climate data helps the industry on the journey to net zero:


We provide comprehensive company targets data based on the latest disclosure standards


We provide full auditability of the underlying data and source documentation for all as-reported data across all historical periods. Capturing restatements for up to five years

New estimated emissions

Our hierarchical, multi-model approach provides data with improved accuracy and reduces the risk of underestimating emissions.

Forward-looking KPIs

We provide comprehensive company transition plans and targets data based on the latest disclosure standards

Deep climate expertise

Our expert climate researchers, data scientists and thought leadership content have a proven track record


Discover our sustainable finance services and solutions

Our extensive climate data is available via our delivery platform which is cloud-native and uses the latest technologies to ensure highly scalable, resilient and secure delivery.

The data is delivered in CSV and JSON formats.

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