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An overview of Climate Data

When it comes to climate, you need data to comply with regulations, make sound competitive decisions and assess your climate-related risks and opportunities. At LSEG, we are fusing sustainability and finance, enabling you to create sustainable growth and transition to a low carbon economy. We have extensive data coverage and expertise, allowing you to drive your sustainable growth and climate agendas. LSEG offers one of the most comprehensive and market leading climate data sets for companies in the industry. Our climate data provides you with a diverse set of reported climate data measures aligned with the latest disclosure standards, sophisticated analytics and innovative estimated emissions models, coupled with complimentary third-party climate data. The combination of our climate datasets enables you to have confidence in making investment, financing, or strategic decisions as well as meeting your regulatory reporting obligations.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
  • History
    Varies by data set, back to 2002 for company reported data
  • Data format
  • Delivery mechanism
  • Data frequency
    Varies by data set from weekly / quarterly / annual.

Features & Benefits

What you get with Climate Data

  • As-Reported Climate Data - Detailed Climate data collected, quality controlled and normalised from companies' public disclosures including auditability back to source documents. 98 existing LSEG as-reported climate data measures with time series data going back to 2002. 283 new as-reported climate data measures, fiscal year 2022 onwards. A total of 393 as-reported climate data measures.
  • Estimated Emissions Scope 1, 2 & 3 – Robust multi model approach which improves data accuracy, reduces risk of underestimated emissions and the transparency of sources and methodologies supports PCAF quality score assessment at a company level.
  • Carbon Reserves - Detailed production and reserves data for coal, oil and gas companies sourced from public disclosures.
  • Paris Alignment Indicators - A set of analytics calculating the momentum and year on year change of company emissions to assess their alignment with the Paris Agreement targets.
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) - Climate data as provided by the companies in response to CDP annual survey. CDP data for 4000+ companies, 304 CDP data measures with history back to 2015.
  • Enterprise value including cash (EVIC) indicators - Climate intensity ratios calculated using Enterprise value including cash (EVIC) in addition to the ratios calculated using revenues USD.
  • Auditability - We provide full auditability from scores to underlying data and source documentation for all as reported data across all historical periods. Capturing restatements for up to 5 years.
  • Our climate data includes detailed and comprehensive company transition plans and targets data based on latest disclosure standards.
  • We provide a 24x5 customer support model with multi-region coverage ensuring that clients will receive resolution on any of their queries within hours and have direct access to our experts.

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