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There’s a world of similarities in business and education. Access trusted, real-world market data, news and statistics that power the global financial community so you can advance applied learning on and off campus.

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Get a head start on your peers

Designed for students and academic staff, LSEG Workspace combines exceptional data, news and content coverage with cutting-edge web technology that is fast, light and intuitive. It gives you a richer, more interactive learning experience and surfaces expertly vetted, reliable and meaningful data quickly – on your preferred device.

Plus, with an integrated developer environment, you'll be able to test hypotheses and validate your research by using LSEG data via modern APIs and Python.

Educators will also benefit from easier, automated administration tools for better reporting and tracking, while addressing cost and productivity challenges.

Enhance, enrich and extend your curriculum with best-in-class data

Exclusive access to Reuters news

Trusted financial news, market-moving exclusives and expert insights from Reuters and 10,000 other sources, spanning all asset classes.

Global pricing data

Global, multi-asset pricing, terms and conditions and analytics – typically the longest history available with data spanning 2,000 sources.

Real-time research

Access to approximately 1,300 active research providers, including all major brokers and many independent research providers.

Features & benefits

What you get with LSEG Workspace for students

Maximize applied learning with the richness of our real-world data

  • Access unmatched coverage of breaking news, and agenda-setting scoops on transformative deals across multiple industries, deals data and league tables to monitor deal flow and identify market trends.
  • Review the entire private equity and venture capital exit universe content, with over 40 years of history updated daily, covering firms, funds and portfolio companies.
  • Our Aftermarket Research is the largest in the world and powered by eminent contributors, including nearly 2,000 analysts and independent research firms, totalling 30M reports dating back to 1982.

Select a universe of companies, set filters, sort, group, and aggregate data using our Screener app in LSEG Workspace.

Enjoy a tailored user experience and speed up your searches

  • Benefit from a personalized and continually evolving user experience, including single sign-on functionality with a unique ID.
  • Speed up your research and find what you are looking for more quickly with our adaptive and smart AI-powered search-learn function.
  • Preview pop-ups and key metric snapshots give you super-relevant results instantly – all without having to click Search.

Workspace's powerful and adaptive AI-powered search-learn function lets you find what you're looking for quickly.

Your powerful and intelligent learning resource

  • Bring an industry-leading solution the financial community uses and relies on into the classroom and build a stronger curriculum.
  • Have all the data and tools you need, on and off campus with seamless auto sync across your devices – desktop, web, tablet and mobile.
  • Stand out to potential employers when you transition into the workforce.

Validate your research and test hypothesis using LSEG data via modern APIs and Python.

Workspace technical specifications and installation instructions

Workspace is designed to work with the latest supported browsers and versions of Windows and macOS.

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