Legal entity data for due diligence

Verified Entity Data as a Service

Match, enrich and maintain the data that enables the world’s leading financial institutions to comply with global regulations.

Why choose Verified Entity Data as a Service? 

You need a single, centralised view of the legal entity of your counterparty, supplier or issuer so you can easily identify entity relationships and your potential risk exposure to their counterparts. Verified Entity Data as a Service ensures this data is accurate, appropriately linked to parent entity records and cross-referenced to industry codes and your internal client identifiers, so that you can make informed decisions and meet regulatory requirements.

Features & benefits

What you get with Verified Entity Data 

3.5 million legal entities worldwide

Covers more than 190 countries and 250 jurisdictions.

250,000 data attributes checked weekly

Our research analysts independently collect, validate and maintain our records.

1,500 authoritative sources

Analysts source and verify reliable data from governments, regulatory stock exchanges, and accredited business registries.

High data quality

Increased data quality better informs decisions and improves client on-boarding and your ability to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Reduce cost and improve business processes

Contributing to a shared pool of resources reduces time and cost of checking, updating and maintaining data internally.

Flexible Access​

​Single and bulk entity data management is available via an online user interface, file transfer or web server access to our Verified Entity Data as a Service core database.​

How it works

How can you implement Verified Entity Data? 

Verified Entity Data is available via two different service models to support your specific regulatory compliance obligations: Managed Data Service (MDS) and Enhanced Data Service (EDS).

Managed Data Service (MDS)

Manages 58 data fields that make up a “core” entity record. Information for these data fields includes identifiers such as LEI and SWIFT BIC, addresses, industry classifications and corporate hierarchies required for onboarding and MiFID II compliance.

Enhanced Data Service (EDS)

Comprises modular based offerings to support clients’ regulatory reporting requirements. In addition to the MDS “core” entity records, clients will receive additional data classifications as defined by each regulatory reporting requirement. Existing EDS modules include Dodd-Frank, EMIR, FATCA, AnaCredit and FCA Transaction Reporting.

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