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Simplify complex shipping data to understand and manage commodity flows, cost and risk. Eikon provides comprehensive vessel, port and financial data, real-time news and interactive maps.

Shipping sits at the heart of the global supply chain, enabling the transport of fuels, raw materials and goods from source to point of use. Stay on top of global shipping analytics with a comprehensive real-time view of what’s happening on the water, at port and across the supply chain.

Our Shipping and Interactive Map apps put you at the helm of more key market news and information than ever before – along with powerful tools to visualise, analyse and take action. Clear data and sophisticated visualisations help you identify gaps, spot trends and capitalise on profitable opportunities, giving you a competitive edge.

With our real-time data management solution (LDMS) and Point Connect feed service, you have access to commodity trade flows across dry bulk (iron ore, coal, bauxite, agriculture-corn, wheat, soybean etc), oil (crude oil, fuel oil and oil products) and gas (LPG and LNG). In addition to freight analytics covering vessel fixtures dry bulk and oil, average speeds, anchorage congestion, waiting times and vessel counts by sea.

Stay on top of shipping and commodities news

Access real-time news coverage of commodities and shipping, including analysis from Reuters specialist correspondents. Leverage news flow on events to assess business impact and make your move ahead of the market.

We provide vessel information with fixtures, commodity trade flows and tracking – including aggregated individual flows on a forward and historical basis for visibility into major physical flows globally.

See real-time news, coverage and analysis coverage of shipping and commodities

Monitor the shipping market with freight rates

See freight rates from multiple sources, including the Baltic Exchange and Shanghai Shipping Exchange, Riverlake and SSY, along with our proprietary assessments covering major commodities and routes.

Use Freight Calculator to gain transparency on underlying parameters, including port charges, and keep tabs on inland water transport costs with barge freight rates across the U.S. and Europe.

Track and analyse rates to keep track of costs and plan

Match cargoes and vessels

Look for the best vessel to move your cargo, or the best cargo suitable for your vessel, using Interactive Map, Position List, Distance Calculator and our fixtures data.

We provide a full spectrum of financial content including listed ship companies and company fundamentals, plus powerful commercial intelligence on who is shipping what, where and when.

See vessel locations in real-time with Interactive Map

Analyse freight supply and demand

Our expert team of our Sea Captain and Marine Technologists help us bring unique perspective to the floating trade of the world. Assess the supply using our Fleet Analysis & Order Book. Our extensive supply and demand research of commodities markets.

Check fleet capacity and estimate demand

Access more accurate data, even in the busiest shipping zones

Power your business with integrated data, dynamic AIS, terrestrial and satellite data from Spire Maritime. By fully blending this data with our existing sources, we deliver enhanced feeds via Eikon, Interactive Map and desktop API.

Track vessels accurately, even in the busiest zones, to reduce missed port calls

Manage your freight risk exposure

Analyse freight forward curves and volumes from a range of FFA sources. We provide charterers and ship owners with the tools to hedge against rate fluctuations and manage freight risk.

Hedge against rate fluctuations and manage risk

Assess the market value of your ship

Use TonnEdge for a weekly, accurate algorithmic pricing of the entire commercial fleet, keeping ship financiers and owners constantly apprised of market value.

Price your entire commercial fleet to keep tabs on vessel market value

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