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Identify opportunities, discover fresh insights, and see beyond the challenges in the metals and steel markets with Eikon. 

On the path to net zero, metals are critical enablers of the energy transition from fossil fuels as they are used to store and conduct power. Appetite for metals has never been higher even as geopolitical events heighten awareness of supply and demand challenges. LSEG provides clarity across complex metals commodities markets with high-quality data, exclusive Reuters news, and unparalleled insight from our experts. From sourcing and mining to pricing and delivery, leverage our flexible solutions to make more informed decisions.

Our global metals market coverage includes exchange data, supply and demand fundamentals and forecasts, and content that delivers unique understanding. LSEG puts you at the centre of a dynamic trading community so you can grasp exactly where the market is, where it has been and where it is likely to go next.

Navigate dynamic metals markets with extensive coverage

Get the insights you need to manage changing scenarios both short and long term. We cover precious and base metals, battery and minor metals, iron ore and steel. With essential exchange data and analytical tools plus exclusive news and research, you can monitor market moves and react to them at speed and with assurance.

Supply and Demand data for base and precious metals from key regions 

See flows, supply, and demand patterns

Access supply and demand for key traded metals over a wide range of periods with independent analysis and research from our specialists. Our deep insight into the drivers of metals pricing helps you easily find and compare trading and investment opportunities.

Quickly access key insights on global metals markets

Visualise metals supply chain and economics

See the key factors that affect the metals supply chain and impact metal commodities prices with our interactive maps. View profiles and detailed data for 350+ mines and projects. including production, operating and owning company, operating cost, capital cost, and cash-flow analysis.

Stay on top of shipments with port data and shipping news, plus a real-time what’s happening on the water, at the port, and across the supply chain. 

Visualize the metals trade from key producing and consuming areas

Expand your knowledge base with our new offerings

WBMS (World Bureau of Metal Statistics) - Access independently validated supply, demand, and trade flow data and analysis across base metals markets, critical industrial metals and stainless steel.

MPS - View production figures for mines, smelters, and refineries. See screening, charting, and analysis of mine production volumes and ownership.

ESG - See, calculate, and track statistics affecting ESG impact. From daily calculations of CO2 produced by vessels, to tracking safety measures and the percentage of women working in the mining industry, our research provides a broader picture of ESG in mining. 

Production figures for mines, smelters and refineries with charts and analysis

Connect with the metals community

Use LSEG Messenger to access instant access instant secure communications with more than 300,000 finance professionals in 180 countries across the industry. Contact both LSEG and non LSEG users in your markets via Eikon.

Make connections via our hosted network and share news, live data, charts and analytics

Access exclusive research and forecasts

Our Research team provide independent analysis and research into metals markets. Outlooks and forecasts cover all key traded metals over a wide range of forward-looking periods, plus historic analysis and independent analyst commentary.

Specialist metals market content and analysis

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