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Exclusive news, trusted insight and analysis, and comprehensive data across carbon, coal, gas, oil and power markets – all from Eikon.

Energy markets are becoming increasingly complex, and the energy transition challenges organisations to assess existing and emerging opportunities while mitigating the risks of a generational pivot across industries and economies. Against this background of uncertainty, having confidence in the data and analysis that supports your decision making is critical. 

In an era of information noise, LSEG has all the tools you need to make informed decisions at speed, keeping you abreast of changing energy markets and preparing you as new opportunities arise. Exclusive access to Reuters News, comprehensive market and pricing data, and insights from leading experts help simplify complex energy markets so you can maintain a competitive edge. 


NAT GAS / LNG - Stay informed every day

Access updated forecasts and analysis on natural gas and LNG, provided every morning before market opening, to make informed decisions.

See and track the gas and LNG supply chain in real time

Keep up to date with the world’s gas and LNG markets

 Navigate the world’s gas and LNG markets through our interactive map, with comprehensive data on pipelines, storage facilities, liquefaction plants, regasification terminals, and positions of the global LNG fleet 

See and track the gas and LNG supply chain in real time

POWER - Stay ahead of the power market

Get our morning power spot price forecast before markets open and read analyst commentary on tomorrow’s spot price. Frequent renewable generation updates and price estimates help you make informed decisions in the power market. 

Make decisions today and prepare for tomorrow with daily spot price forecasts and analyst commentary

Follow the pulse of the energy transition

Find hourly resolved generation forecasts for renewable and conventional power plus power price forecasts through 2030. Access data on power consumption, cross border imports/exports and capture prices for renewable generation. 

Keep on top of the energy transition with data on renewable and conventional power, including capture prices

CARBON - Understand what drives prices

Access real-time market data, news, and analysis/interpretation. Benefit from our morning market comments and our comprehensive weekly reports to understand how other energy commodities, weather, technical patterns and policy are shaping carbon markets. 

Our daily carbon market analysis (‘Morning Report’).

Enhance your knowledge of carbon markets

Get a deeper understanding of the key trends. See from our vast datasets how market balances have changed and how we expect them to develop. Access our long-term price forecasts, and dive into our unrivalled coverage of market relevant policy processes. 

Our EU ETS installations database, visualization of demand and supply

OIL - Oil research and analysis

In-depth and timely fundamental analysis – view rigorously researched and timely analyst reports on the key drivers of supply and demand, imports, exports and global storage levels across multiple regions and products and their impact on prices.

Oil overview on Eikon/Workspace

Keep up with oil flows

Global trade flows – see flows of crude and refined products by vessel globally in real-time using Eikon Map. Data is brought together from multiple sources and rigorously benchmarked by regional analysts to allow accurate assessment of seaborne trade volumes at a port and berth level.

Oil flow map

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