Fixed income at a turning point: strategies and outlook for 2024

A strong start to the year has been fuelled by hope that the global economy is heading for a soft landing, but can the momentum be maintained?

The fixed income landscape dramatically improved for traders and investors in the last months of 2023, bringing some much-needed relief to a market weighed down by another year of rising interest rates, geopolitical crises, bank failures and volatility.

The consensus is for a much better year for fixed income assets in 2024; the market remains hopeful that rate cuts are coming and this gives investors confidence to move out of cash into longer-dated securities. There will be challenges. Nevertheless, despite the challenges, 2024 may still turn out to be year of the bond.

In this e-book we explore:

  • A look back to fixed income in 2023
  • A look forward to fixed income trends in the future
  • How to plan for the future and thinking strategically about Fixed Income Data

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