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Yield Book API

Yield Book® API provides access to Yield Book’s trusted data and analytics from within your own custom applications.

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Yield Book API

This flexible API technology is the underlying technology of the Yield Book Add-In and the Yield Book Calculator, used extensively by both buy-side and sell-side institutions globally.

Features & Benefits

Interactive Yield Book analytics in your application

Analytics in your applications

Directly access the unbundled components of Yield Book engine. Build your own GUI to access Yield Book system over the Internet.

Yield Book API *

Rest api power yield book calculator

REST API powers Yield Book Calculator *

Powerful JSON and XML specification

Use JSON or XML, powering the Yield Book Calculator and Yield Book Add-in, respectively. See what it can do for your applications:


  • Bond indicative & pricing Data retrieval
  • Price/Yield analysis
  • Option-adjusted measures and rate of return calculations
  • Scenario ROR "what if" Analysis
  • Projected cash flow analysis
  • Return attribution (security-level)


  • Integrated trade-time analytics
  • Back office/compliance systems
  • High-volume risk

* Screenshots are sourced from Yield Book. For illustrative purposes only.

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