Collateralized loan obligation

CLO market solutions

Our CLO (collateralized loan obligation) offering provides a full picture view of the CLO market to users, with powerful insight on deals, overlap analysis, trade history, and more from a single platform.

LSEG LPC Collateral

LPC Collateral is the simple first step in the analysis of any collateralized loan obligation. Using LPC Collateral you can:

  • View the underlying assets of your CLO universe in a standardized format
  • Sort and search CLO holdings data and identify exposure to specific assets or issuers
  • Compare market value coverage and NAVs for CLO tranches
  • Monitor CLO performance over time
  • Chart trades against loan prices from the LPC Pricing Service

LSEG LPC Holdings / Trade History

LPC Collateral Holdings is the premium desktop tool for Loan Trading and Syndication desks. Delivering comprehensive access to loan Holdings and Trade Data across the Global CLO Universe.

Holdings data:

  • View the current Syndicate of any Borrower, including Manager, Deal, Tranche and position
  • Proactively screen the entire portfolio inventory for a specific deal or Manager
  • Gain access to reinvestment end dates for all CLOs globally
  • Chart cash balances of CLOs over time with supporting % APB metrics.

Trade data:

  • Track the loan trading activity of over 170 CLO managers
  • Effortlessly filter historical trade data by a variety of criteria including Borrower, Tranche, Trade Price, Trade/Settlement Date, Deal, Manager and Trade Reason
  • Compare trade prices to the market consensus by charting trades against LPC Mark-to-Market Pricing.

LSEG Evaluated CLO Pricing 

LPC provides end-of-day prices on Global Cash Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs). These include both broadly syndicated and middle market CLOs.

Each CLO security is individually priced by LSEG Pricing Service.

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