BDCs (business development companies) holdings and performance

BDC Collateral

The one-stop resource for analysing BDCs (business development companies) holdings and performance.

BDC Collateral

BDC Collateral provides a standardized view of the BDC asset class, arming investors, arrangers, managers and lenders with data on nearly 100 public and private BDCs. That data is enhanced with exclusive analysis from across the universe of LSEG LPC offerings, including LoanConnector, DealScan, LPC Collateral, Eikon and the LSTA/ LPC Mark-to-Market pricing service.

Use BDC Collateral to view underlying assets of BDCs and track exposures by a number of metrics.

Features & benefits

Why choose BDC Collateral?

  • Expertise and experience: LPC has more than three decades of experience providing news, data and analysis on financial markets. LPC is a market leader in covering syndicated and middle market loan markets.
  • Data standardization: Currently there is no common format for quarterly updates. Mistakes as basic as classifications can be erroneous, leading to bad decisions. BDC Collateral is creating a standard ID code for BDCs and will produce both a web-based and an API feed for the information.
  • Complete coverage: BDC Collateral leverages information from LPC and other offerings, including LoanConnector (news/data on BDC investments), Eikon (market-related news, equity-level data on research, broker estimates, pricing and trading volumes, etc.), LPC Mark-to-Market Pricing Service and LPC Collateral (CLO positions).
  • Mapping of borrower-level information to LPC services allows the includes BDC-level news, market-level news, borrower/issuer-level news, historical and special dividends, broker recommendations and reports, and much more.

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