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World-Check Data

An overview of World-Check Data

  • World-Check aggregates and provides its clients with access to public domain data, in highly structured risk related intelligence, by means of a subscription-only proprietary database of heightened risk individuals and entities to both commercial and government agencies to assist institutional clients to manage and avoid reputational, regulatory, and financial risk.
  • Assist clients to comply with regulation impacting on: Know Your Customer (KYC); Know Your Supplier (KYS); Anti-Money Laundering (AML); Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT); Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC); Politically Exposed Persons (PEP); Customer Due Diligence (CDD); Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO).
  • Assists clients with New Client Screening at onboarding at account opening; retrospectively and ongoing screening for existing clients; high-risk payment screening; end client validation; cross border payments/correspondent banking; 3rd party vendor and supplier screening.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
  • History
    From 2000
  • Data format
  • Delivery mechanism
    Digital Files
    Web Service
  • Data frequency

Features & Benefits

What you get with World-Check Data

  • Highly structured information.
  • Subject names in 20+ languages based on the Latin alphabet such as English, German, Italian (40+ non-Latin character sets are added with the purchase of Advanced).
  • Records categorized into 30+ categories such as country, type of crime, political party, organization or individual.
  • Identification of whether subjects are politically exposed (PEP).
  • Biographical information such as titles, positions, and passport numbers.
  • Secondary identifiers such as age, date of birth, and location.
  • ISAE 3000 Type 2 certification for completeness, accuracy and validity of sanctions research process.

How it works

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