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Get the non-real time pricing and reference data you need, with the flexibility to only pay for the content consumed through on-demand delivery of our universe of over 80m active and retired securities.


Pricing, reference and entity solutions for today’s market

Fast on-boarding and integration - this flexible solution seamlessly fits into numerous client workflows and can be configured to deliver data on a user defined schedule.  Clients can be up and running within seconds from logging in and data extractions can be easily automated using the intuitive browser interface.

Access to intelligent data - mark to market pricing for a multitude of asset classes available on an intraday, end-of-day and historical basis. Securities are intelligently linked to their respective issuers, underlying markets, corporate actions and reference data details.

Cost transparency - all data extractions are recorded at the security and asset class levels and are made available in the “usage” screens. Current and past usage can be seen on a user and company level for full transparency on the amount and types of data being extracted.

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