DataScope Plus Datasets

DataScope Plus delivers end-of-day pricing and intra-day reference data into your security master, automatically updating so you don't need to manually request the latest data.


Realise the full value of LSEG data

Better cost control - reduce costs by controlling file sizes and including data only relevant to your needs, through an easy-to-use interface.

Greater operational efficiency - with the ability to quickly customise reports, you can choose the fields relevant for your requirements, generating significant efficiencies in file processing over other bulk data feeds. Criteria filters such as currency, sector and coupon further help you refine the data you receive, enabling you to only consume the information you need and reducing the need to manage large data files. To help provide the most current view of each instruments’ terms and conditions at any point in time, intraday reference updates allow for the latest data to be viewed as soon as it becomes available.

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