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FTSE Russell Green Revenues

An overview of FTSE Russell Green Revenues

The FTSE Russell Green Revenues Data Model provides investors with a highly granular and flexible dataset circa 20,000 public equities for revenue exposure to the green economy. It identifies any company with revenues derived from green products and services and classifies the "greenness" of those goods based on the FTSE Russell Green Revenues Classification System (GRCS). The Green Revenues Data Model is a useful tool for investors to assess portfolio exposure to climate transition risks and identify opportunities for investment in companies with green activities.

The data model features a single Green Revenues percentage using a robust estimates methodology, a broad and comprehensive classification system and a green tiering system to determine the level of “greenness” of a company’s produced goods. Now you can accurately identify and support your investment in companies that stand to benefit from the world's transition to a green economy with consistent and transparent data.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
  • History
    From 2008
  • Data format
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  • Delivery mechanism
    Web Service
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Features & Benefits

What you get with FTSE Russell Green Revenues

  • Define the green economy: Green Revenues is a unique data model enabling users to identify and quantify revenue exposure to the green economy and measure companies’ progress in achieving green standards, based on a transparent and robust methodology.
  • Comprehensive and granular classification: FTSE Russell Green Revenues Classification System (GRCS) identifies green products and services across the whole value chain covering 10 green sectors, 64 subsectors and 133 micro sectors. The data model offers enhanced usability via point estimates at the company level and broken down to the sector, subsector and micro sector level.
  • More accurately calibrate the risk commitment and potential return associated with investing in the transition to a green economy.
  • Capture the investment upside as the world transitions to a green economy using one of the most comprehensive green revenues taxonomies on the market.

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