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Benefits of using RNS

RNS can help you meet your financial communications needs. RNS is both a regulatory and financial communications channel for companies to communicate with the professional investor.

Creating an effective investor relations strategy is an increasingly complicated challenge. You need to fulfil domestic and international regulatory obligations, communicate with shareholders, analysts and institutional investors, at the same time explaining your company news to the markets.

RNS is the UK’s leading service for regulatory news announcements. The provider of choice for companies traded on the London Stock Exchange, RNS helps companies and their intermediaries fulfil their UK and other global regulatory disclosure obligations in the most efficient way possible.

Approaching 350,000 announcements are processed by RNS each year, with over 75% of all regulatory and potentially price-sensitive UK company announcements originating from RNS. Clients include the vast majority of Britain's leading benchmark companies as well as all the leading financial public relations firms and corporate advisers.

RNS is widely recognised by the investment community for its stable and secure web-based input system, industry knowledge, product flexibility and 24 x 7 support structure. RNS is proud of its track record of service excellence, reliability and commitment to continuous improvement.

Releasing announcements through RNS ensures company information is distributed immediately and accurately in full text and in industry-leading formats. Announcements are visible on over 2 million market professional terminals, databases and financial websites across the world, including key vendor services such as Refinitiv, Bloomberg, Dow Jones as well as the LSE's own corporate website.

Regulatory Announcement Distribution Services

Giving you the power to fulfil your home market and international obligations with a single partner.

More about Regulatory Announcement Distribution Services

Reach & other media services

Investors expect corporate communications to go beyond mere regulatory requirements. Shareholders, analysts and institutional investors want to receive company news via the desktop tools and financial media that they use every day. Increasingly, this is what regulatory authorities in the UK, Europe and the US are recommending to ensure broad and fair disclosure throughout the international capital markets.

RNS has the tools that enable you to adapt your regulatory announcements into best practice communications to shareholders and potential investors – wherever they are:

  • Simultaneously target institutional investors and analysts in the UK, Europe and the US
  • Tailor communications to the needs and communication channels of each financial market
  • Use the information news services for direct distribution to desktops of institutional investors
  • Disclose company news to trade publications, online databases, research tools and the Internet.

In addition to the many regulatory disclosure services available, RNS also offers customers these media distribution services as standard, with other more bespoke distribution channels possible on request:

  • Reach
  • UK Financial Media
  • European Financial Media
  • Nordic Newswires
  • Canadian Media
  • US Financial Wire
  • Japanese Wires

Contact the RNS team

RNS prides itself on, and is highly regarded for, its customer service excellence. Instant editorial and technical assistance is available across a 24-hour support structure, with onsite support commencing at 21:30 hours UK time each Sunday through to 20:30 hours UK time each Friday (barring UK bank holidays)

Escalation is available via the normal helpdesk outside of these core hours.

Customer support & New Business Enquiries : +44 (0) 20 7797 4400
Email: rns@lseg.com

Request registration

Registering to use RNS services is a very straightforward process.  It is free to register and does not commit you to use RNS over any specific period of time.  RNS’s flexible “pay-as-you go” model means that fees are incurred only when you make announcements via one of the many RNS regulatory and media distribution channels.

RNS Pricing - For Data Vendors

Please find below documents relating to the distribution of RNS information by data vendors and its use by end consumers.