Open Access: we are driving the change.

Open Access: we are driving the change.

Open Access: the world is changing

One Group. One Vision. Open Access.

The world is changing at an exceptional pace.

The world’s financial markets are embracing this change.

Open Access. The principle that will drive this dramatic shift.

Giving the freedom to choose where to list, trade, clear, or settle.

We’re not only adapting to the market, we’re leading the change.

LCH clears trades for over 30 markets around the world.

FTSE Russell linked ETFs traded on over 25 exchanges worldwide.

Turquoise offers trading in 18 countries and a choice of 3 interoperable clearing houses.

LSEG Technology used by 40 markets and venues around the world.

ELITE: an innovative programme for growth companies, welcoming businesses from 23 countries from across Europe and beyond.

UnaVista: processing over 3 billion regulatory reports annually. Used across 5 continents.

It is how we believe markets should and will work.

One Group. One vision. Greater choice. Greater transparency. Open Access.