Open Access is at the heart of our business model.

Open Access is at the heart of our business model.

‘The management here some years ago realised that the world was changing fundamentally. Technology has been changing completely the way people access markets. And the realisation that the future of technology was going to be Open Access is not just affecting markets but affecting companies in all sorts of sectors.’ Donald Brydon

‘Open Access is at the heart of our business model. It’s really enshrined in our core principle.’ Cécile Nagel

‘This whole series of services traditionally had been offered on a ‘bundled’ basis by futures exchanges. To access any of these services, you had to buy all of them.’ Xavier Rolet

‘Historically we have very vertical exchanges. And that exchange is tied to that clearing house, and you cannot clear anywhere else.’ Daniel Maguire

‘We unbundle our value chain for customers, which breaks down what are traditional business silos.’ Chris Corrado

‘So that’s very fundamentally different; it means the clients, the customers, the members, all have absolute choice. You can trade anywhere you want – and clear in one place.’ Daniel Maguire
‘We’re prepared to open up our trading platforms to other participants, other exchanges.’ Xavier Rolet

‘More than 50 market infrastructures want to work with us – to have our expertise – to improve their business standards, regulation, and attract international flows.’ Antonella Amadei

‘You can license our intellectual property, our indices. You can trade with us but clear elsewhere, or clear with us and settle elsewhere.’ Xavier Rolet

‘…bringing more price transparency; looking at capturing more asset classes; and therefore new innovation coming in terms of new products, new functionality...’ Nicolas Bertrand

‘The Open Access model offers choice and partnership across all of our geographies and all of our businesses.’ Ron Bundy

‘There is an inherent benefit, in infrastructure, in the operation of very efficient centralised services to the wider economy.’ Xavier Rolet

‘Open Access is very much at the core of our whole philosophy; because it puts customers first.’ Donald Brydon