September 2017 - LSEG to the Buyside

September 2017 - LSEG to the Buyside


London Stock Exchange Lit Order Book

  • In August, value traded on London Stock Exchange's UK order book was up 13% compared to same month in 2016
       -   Total share of UK lit trading was 68.9% over the month (compared to 60.2% the previous year)

Borsa Italiana Lit Order Book

  • Value traded on Borsa Italiana's order book was up 13.9% in August at €52.5bn 
        -   Total share of Italian lit trading was 77.1% over the month

Turquoise Plato™

  • August saw the second highest ever monthly value traded on Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ at €5.37bn
        -   More than 9.5x value traded in August 2016 (€0.56bn)
        -   Reflects the strength in volumes even in months typically considered "light"

  • Graph below highlights the significant volumes in ESMA Band 3 and 4 stocks trading through Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™

(ABOVE) Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ Size Profile: ESMA Large In Scale- (Turquoise 20 Oct 2014 to 30 June 2017)


  • 12 new ETFs listed on London Stock Exchange in August
        -   11 August was largest day for ETP trading on London Stock Exchange so far this year, with a turnover of £732mln
        -   It was also a record for ETFs alone, with a turnover of £642.8mln
        -   August's total order book turnover was £7.75bn, up 7% from July 2017

  • Assets under management linked to Italian listed ETPs reached €63.95bn in August, a new record
        -   Up 24% compared to August 2016

  • On 1 September, a new PIR compliant instrument, the iShares FTSE Ital MidSmall Cap UCITS ETF, listed on Borsa Italiana
        -   This follows 3 PIR compliant instruments listing on ETFplus market in May


  • FCA approves TRADEcho as an APA
        -   APAs are authorised to publish post-trade transparency reports on behalf of investment firms
        -   TRADEcho will offer customers a single, multi-asset class, pan-European, real-time reporting solution for OTC and Systemic Internaliser (SI) trades
        -   Over 350 investment firms have selected TRADEcho
        -   Over 26 vendors have connected to the APA

  • TRADEcho and UnaVista are hosting a MiFID II Experts Webinar on 03 October
        -   The event will ask the hard unanswered questions on MiFID II reporting to a panel of experts


  • MTS has launched a portal to inform investors around its approach to deliver MiFID II changes


  • First order book trades executed in Severstal and Megafon options on LSEDM took place in August, after the instruments were added to the order book
        -   Magnit and X5 Retail options and futures can also now be traded
        -   Susquehanna has extended their Market Making in IOB options to these names


  • LCH has launched a CustodialSeg account which allows buy-side firms to deliver collateral directly to the clearing house and to retain beneficial title to asset
        -   This increases operational efficiency and also eliminates the transit risk arising where a client delivers collateral to the clearing house via its clearing member
        -   Aviva Investors are the first buy-side client to use the new account

Primary Markets

  • 87 companies are now listed on AIM Italia, following IPO of Capital For Progress 2
        -   Kosmos Energy successfully listed $2.5bn business on London Stock Exchange
        -   The company joins 159 Oil and Gas companies already trading on London Stock Exchange, with a combined market capitalisation of over $1tn

  • 9 IPOs on London Stock Exchange markets in August
        -   3 on Main Market and Special Funds Segment raising £204.5mln
        -   6 on AIM raising £216.9mln

1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe

  • The 2017 edition of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe was published on 5 September
        -   See 'Did you know that.....' (below) for more details

(ABOVE) 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe in numbers- A map with the geographic breakdown of the firms
Conferences & Events Italian Equity Week (Luxury, Industrials and Infrastructure)
05-07 September, Borsa Italiana

ITF 2017
06-08 September, Barcelona

IDEM Working Group on PIR Futures
11 September, Borsa Italiana

20 September, London Stock Exchange

MiFID II event (with Citi)
22 September, Borsa Italiana

TrackInsights Event,
29 September, London Stock Exchange

Turquoise Emerging Markets Event
03 October, London Stock Exchange

Small Cap and STAR Conference
09-10 October, London Stock Exchange

FIX Trading Roundtable
11 October, Frankfurt

AIM Conference
19 October, London Stock Exchange

CEO & CIO Lunch at the Exchange
20 October, London Stock Exchange

The Trade Awards
25 October, London

PWC Conference on Asset Management
09 November, Geneva

FIX Trading Conference
14 November, Paris

LAAG Working Group
23 November, Nairobi
Did you know that... 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe is LSEG's celebration of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic SMEs across Europe. As well as identifying 1000 companies, the annual reports examine in detail the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs and looks at the sectors and trends that will shape the future of the European economies. The 2017 edition was published on 5 September