March 2018- From LSEG to the Buyside

March 2018- From LSEG to the Buyside



Turquoise Plato™

(Above) Top venues trade count. Week ending 02/03/2018 Source: Fidessa 'Top of the Blocks Report' 

(Above) Portion of Dark Traded as LIS Blocks Source: Fidessa 'Top of the Blocks Report' 

LSE Mid-Point Pegged Order

  • £235mln traded through Mid-Point Pegged in Feb 2018
    - Second best month since inception after Jan 2018 record (£400mln)

Turquoise Lit Auctions™ 

London Stock Exchange Order Book 

  • £6.3bn ADVT on LSE Order Book in February, up from £5.96bn in January 2018

  • Monthly ADVT traded in LSE Closing Auction was £1.6bn, comprising 25% of on-book volume
    - Value traded in auctions in February 2018 represented 31% of total on-book business in FTSE 100 stocks
Source: London Stock Exchange analysis, February 2018                      


  • On London Stock Exchange, a record £11bn was traded on order-book for ETPs in Feb 2018
    - The highest monthly order-book turnover since 2011, despite only 20 trading days in Feb

  • On Borsa Italiana ETFPlus sets a new record of €66.71bn AUM: €60.53bn for ETFs, €5.90bn for ETCs/ETNs and €0.279bn for open-end funds
    - 14.88% growth from February 2017

  • In March, J.P. Morgan Asset Management listed 5 ETFs on Borsa Italiana for the first time


  • Ca. 800 lots traded on the FTSE Italia PIR Mid Cap Futures listed on the IDEM market since launch, equivalent to €22mln

  • New all time daily volume record for FTSE MIB Index Dividend Futures on the IDEM market on February 6, with 5270 contracts traded

Primary Markets

  • In Milan, 3 SPACS IPOs on AIM Italia in March:
    - ALP.I money raised €100mln
    - SPAXS money raised €600mln
    - VEI 1 money raised €100mln

  • 3 IPOs on London Stock Exchange:
    - OnTheMarket plc raised £30mln on AIM
    - TruFin plc raised £70mln on AIM
    - Marble Point Lean Financing Ltd raised £31mln through Special Funds Segment (SFS)


  • ELITE, IMMC and FIEMG signed a collaboration agreement to launch a business support & capital raising programme in Brazil

Conferences & Events

FIX Trading Conference
15 March, London

DR Buyside Advisory Committee
16 March, London Stock Exchange

Buyside Roadshow-Ireland
20 March, Dublin

Rosenblatt's Annual European Market Structure Conference
21 March, London

STAR Conference
27-28 March, Borsa Italiana

Trade Tech Conference
25-26 April, Paris

Did you know that...

On 06 February amid market volatility, ETFplus recorded the highest trading volumes since inception: 53,649 trades worth €1.58bn