Transitioning away from Libor

Transitioning away from Libor

Transitioning away from LIBOR

Five engaging webinars

A series of engaging webinars from London Stock Exchange Group exploring the transition away from Libor. 

The end of Libor: the timelines, the challenges and what comes next

With just over a year left until the end of Libor, LSEG’s Libor transition week will commence with a fireside chat to set the scene on the transition to alternative risk-free reference rates (RFRs). The panel will discuss what is important, actions being taken, challenges being faced and next steps

Key themes include

  • Market preparedness for Libor transition
  • Outstanding challenges
  • Key milestones in 2021
  • Role of term rates

Moderator: Susi de Verdelon – Head of SwapClear and Listed Rates, LCH

Fire side chat participants: Thomas Wipf, Chairman, The ARRC,  Heather Pilley, Manager of Benchmarks policy, FCA

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New Benchmarks and the future shape of Swaps Markets

This session will look at the current pattern of trading activity across different benchmarks, identify imminent industry changes and their potential impact on these patterns, and look at the challenges facing large legacy positions

Moderator: Andy Ross, CEO, CurveGlobal

Panel: Phil Whitehurst, Head of Service Development, Rates, LCH, Arif Merali, Independent Consultant, Rick Sandilands, Senior Counsel, Europe, ISDA 

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Wednesday 14 October 16.30-17.15 BST 

Futures trading risks and opportunities in a post-Libor world

This session will explore how ready the market is for the end of Libor. Key findings from Acuti’s Libor transition readiness survey will be debated.  Trading opportunities at CurveGlobal will be discussed as well as the challenges of competition

Moderator: Will Mitting, Managing Director, Acuiti

Panel: Andy Ross, CEO CurveGlobal, Ian Murphy, Business Development, CurveGlobal, Chantal Bradford, Business Development, CurveGlobal, Alaistair Sharp, Managing Director, Credit Suisse

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'From Libor to SONIA – the role of term rates'

This webinar will look into the development of (forward-looking) term risk-free rates (RFRs), with focus on SONIA and the UK market. Globally, identified RFRs are overnight rates whereas Libors are mainly used in their term form – This difference can be an issue for the transition of certain Libor referencing products.

Experts from the industry will gather with FTSE Russell to discuss:

  • Where term rates can be of most support to Libor transition
  • Evaluate the various indicative options currently available in the UK market, and discuss how things may play out over the next 6-12 months
  • Approaches to term rates in other jurisdictions

Speakers: Scott Harman, FTSE Russell, Stuart Giles, Tradition, Ian Fox, Lloyds Bank

Moderator: Andy Ross (CurveGlobal)

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Libor – From an Issuance perspective

As the time for the transition away from the existing Libor benchmark for floating rate benchmark bonds approaches, both issuers and dealers have started utilising alternative reference rates for their floating rate notes. The purpose of this session is to provide the market with insight into the issuance trends for SONIA, Sofr and other newer alternative risk-free reference rates (RFRs). In addition you will hear from key market participants on how they are adapting to the change.

Key themes include

  • Presentation of £-Libor vs SONIA issuance trends
  • The switch from Libor to new benchmarks – how do issuers and investors adapt to change?
  • Discussion on yield curves and term rates


  • Pedro Porfirio, Global Head of Treasury & Capital Markets, Finastra 
  • Mikhail Bezroukov, ISD, Analytics Product Manager – Rates & Credit Lead, LSEG 
  • Andrea Jelic, Director, SSA DCM, RBC Europe Limited
  • Tom Ceusters, Director, Treasury Market Operations, IFC - International Finance Corporation
  • Moderated by Shrey Kohli, Head of DCM & Funds, London Stock Exchange Group

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