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Upwardly mobile

With a large, young population – 43% of Africans are under 15 years old – and a fast-growing middle class, Africa is well placed to take advantage of emerging technologies. What’s more, there’s little in the way of legacy infrastructure to get in the way. This means that, in the future, the continent could leapfrog other parts of the world in the provision of mobile telecoms, telemedicine, FinTech and drone deliveries, particularly if venture capital investment picks up as expected.

Sector at a glance

  • 344% - The growth in mobile phone usage in Africa from 2007-16
  • 314 tech hubs are active around the continent
  • $608 million of venture capital investment in African tech start-ups is expected in 2018
BIMA uses mobile technology to provide affordable insurance and health services to low-income consumers in emerging markets.
BitPesa buys and sells African currencies from anywhere in the world, with settlement directly to and from African bank and mobile money accounts.
Gro Intelligence
Gro Intelligence has built Clews, a discovery engine for all data related to food and agriculture.
Eaton Towers
Eaton Towers has developed a network of transmission towers across Africa.
Helios Towers
Helios Towers has built one of Africa’s largest portfolios of independently operated telecoms towers.
Interswitch has built up a nationwide multi-channel payment network.
Tracker has established itself as Africa’s leading stolen vehicle recovery business.
Snapplify provides a comprehensive platform for e-books, magazines, newspapers, apps, audiobooks, video and other digital content to schools and individual readers.