Company information

  • www.tizeti.com
  • Sector: Technology & Telecoms
  • Country of operations: Nigeria

Sun-powered surfing

Tizeti is taking on the challenge of poor internet connectivity in Africa, using the power of the sun. The company provides affordable internet access to homes and small businesses in Nigeria under the brand name Wifi.com.ng, using solar-powered Wi-Fi towers that can connect customers within a 2km radius. With monthly plans starting at $30 a month, the company says its system costs users up to 50% less than the price of a typical capped mobile data plan.

“We took the telco model and removed all the capital and operating expenditure inefficiencies associated with powering their towers with diesel generators,” says Kendall Ananyi, CEO. “We were then able to pass the savings to the customers, who have become more price-sensitive due to the difficult economic conditions.”

The company also offers a service in which its customers can use their devices as hotspots, to enable a secondary tier of users to access the internet using their own Wi-Fi-enabled devices. “This has increased our addressable market to include people who would normally not be able to afford our monthly plan. The daily plan offers unlimited internet access for as little as $0.60,” says Kendall.

In September, Tizeti raised $3m in funding from a group of international investors. It plans to use the funds to expand outside Nigeria into new markets around the continent, starting with Ghana, and it will also launch a new consumer-facing brand called Wifi.Africa.

The company has big ambitions for growth in the coming years. “We see our company as the go-to provider of uncapped internet service across the continent, as the telcos move towards taxing their consumers with expensive capped data plans,” says Kendall. “We hope to quadruple the size of our workforce over the next five years to go after the internet access opportunity as fast as we can.”