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Helios Towers owns and operates telecoms towers and related infrastructure in four African countries: the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ghana and Tanzania. With mobile phones now a vital part of society across the continent, such services are an essential component of a successful economy.

“Our core business is to provide mobile network operators with tower site space, power and related services,” explains Kash Pandya, CEO. “As our markets have little or no fixed line voice or data infrastructure, the services we provide are essential for providing mobile connectivity to these countries and help support the development of their communities.”

The numbers involved are often very large. In DRC, for example, Helios Towers is in the process of improving mobile infrastructure and connectivity for six million people by upgrading and building backbone sites covering 1,800km. “The project will add significant capacity, replacing existing satellite connectivity and providing the infrastructure for increased 3G and the launch of 4G services following the government’s recent award of 4G licences,” says Kash.

Deploying, upgrading and maintaining telecoms towers across such vast geographic areas, often with limited infrastructure and power reliability, is certainly a challenge, yet the company has still managed to post 14 consecutive quarters of earnings growth.

It has been helped in this by a combination of operational efficiencies and the continued adoption of mobile phones in its markets. “Mobile subscription growth in our markets are some of the fastest in Africa and forecast to increase by 49 million by 2023,” says Kash. “Strong market dynamics driving top-line growth, combined with continual operational improvements, have been the drivers of our growth.”

Increasing disposable income and consumer spending should drive demand for improved mobile connectivity and Helios Towers looks well placed to capitalise on these opportunities.