Bean Interactive

Bean Interactive

Company information

  • Sector: Technology & Telecoms
  • Country of operations: Kenya

Digital disrupter

Nairobi-based Bean Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency that doesn’t lose sight of the detail while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. “We focus on finding and executing the small things that make a big difference, in other words, sweating the small stuff,” says Martin Kiarie, CEO.

It is an approach the agency has adopted for all of its clients and their campaigns, and it has enabled it to win new business, even when wider economic conditions have been weak.

The company offers a range of marketing services based around its digital skill set, including production, strategy, experiential services and audience development. The company prides itself on having a reputation for being disruptive by finding ways of enhancing the impact of a marketing campaign by using relevant technology. However, Bean Interactive wants to leverage its abilities to become more than simply a digital agency.

“Our strategic intention is to evolve from being a digital marketing agency to a leading marketing agency in a digital world,” explains Martin. “We will focus on using our technological expertise to add value to other functions of communications that we currently don’t serve. We will then focus on serving new segments and markets.”

The company’s strategy has been helped by being selected to join the Stanford Business School Seed Transformation programme last year, something that has led it to consider how best to enhance and optimise every aspect of the business. “This has been a key pillar in our continued transformation as it has forced us to address all factors of our business,” says Martin.

“We are focusing not just on what we do, but how we run the company. We are now geared to step into the next phase of our business: sustained growth.”