3 Wise Pixels

3 Wise Pixels

Company information

  • www.3wp.io
  • Sector: Technology & Telecoms
  • Country of operations: Nigeria

Pixel perfection

Creative technology agency 3 Wise Pixels (3WP) offers a wide range of services, including website and app design, branding advice, platform maintenance and even CCTV installation and servicing, all from its base in the bustling Nigerian city of Lagos.

“The company mirrors the ever-evolving landscape of the continent’s largest city: rapid growth, innovation, targeted problem-solving and distinct overtones of a rich cultural identity,” says Nnanna Okorie, CEO.

The company has been enjoying impressive growth rates in recent years. “The technology and branding industries are still largely in their infancy on this continent and this presents us with our biggest opportunity: to provide world-class services to consumers who have been led to believe those services can only be acquired overseas,” says Nnanna. “Those who recognise and seize this opportunity will be at the forefront of the boom currently being experienced in Africa.”

Ongoing improvements to internet access around the continent mean there is plenty of potential for further growth, and the company is planning its expansion strategy for the years ahead. 3WP is planning to add more engineers, creative designers and developers to its team, as well as social media and data analysts, in order to make the most of new opportunities as they arise. Once it is firmly established in Nigeria, it also plans to expand into other cities such as Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and Nairobi, Kenya.

“Over the course of the next few years, African entrepreneurs will become empowered by the free flow of information spurred by faster, cheaper internet, more global companies like Uber, Amazon and Facebook fine-tuning their products and services for this market, and the success of indigenous companies,” predicts Nnanna. “It won’t be long before true innovation in Africa takes root.”