Company information

  • www.dlight.com
  • Sector: Renewable Energy
  • Country of operations: Kenya

Powering up

From portable solar lanterns to pay-as-you-go solar home systems, Kenya-headquartered d.light has become a global leader in off-grid energy systems, serving customers in more than 60 countries around the world through distribution hubs in East and West Africa, as well as India, Southeast Asia and the US. Founded in 2007, the company targets the more than two billion people around the world who have little or no access to a reliable electricity supply.

It uses a combination of mobile payment systems and an extensive distribution network to reach its customers. The system is designed to be very affordable, with a small initial deposit and then payments of about $0.50 a day.

“d.light has been able to rapidly scale its pay-as-you-go solar home systems, bringing the grid-like experience to 300,000 households around the world,” says Ned Tozun, Co-founder and CEO. “The solar home systems make renewable energy affordable for almost anyone.”

The company continues to expand into new markets and over the past year its distribution network has been rolled out to six more countries, primarily in Africa. At the same time, it has added hundreds of sales agents to its network.

To date, the company has reached some 85 million people with its products, giving them an affordable and reliable alternative to more traditional options such as kerosene lanterns. It has set itself a target of reaching 100 million people by 2020 and looks well on its way to hitting it.

“We want to empower our customers to climb the energy access ladder with solar home systems that provide an experience similar to or better than a grid connection,” says Ned. “We will lead the way in enabling families to leapfrog the electrical grid, going straight to renewable, off-grid energy. We expect our business workforce to grow five-fold in the next five years.”