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Optiven Group

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Foundation for success

Nairobi-based Optiven Group is an award-winning property development company with over 20 years’ experience in the market. Alongside its head office in the capital, the company also has offices in key cities around the country as well as satellite branches in the US and Europe.

To date, Optiven Group has completed 50 projects and handed over more than 5,000 title deeds to its customers. Real estate is an increasingly competitive field, with an estimated 9,000 companies starting operations in Kenya in the past five years alone, which means Optiven has to constantly stay aware of changing demands from potential buyers. “We shall remain true to our values which include innovation and customer focus,” says George Wachiuri, CEO. “By listening to our customers, we are able to understand and anticipate their needs. This strategy will be strengthened in the coming years in order to propel the group above others.”

Alongside its real estate activities, the company also operates subsidiaries, including Optiven Construction, which provides concrete building materials, and Optiven Insurance Agency, which provides general and life cover.

The group is also active in corporate philanthropy through the Optiven Foundation which provides scholarships, food donations and homes for the less fortunate members of society. “We continuously work with the less fortunate to ensure that their lives are bearable,” says George. “With various partners we continue to change lives through education, health, mentorship and philanthropy.”

The group aims to continue developing its activities. “Opportunities are available in emerging areas such as agribusiness, hospitality and insurance, areas in which we have already invested through rolling out strategic business units.”