Company information

  • Sector: Healthcare & Education
  • Country of operations: South Africa

Platform learning

Snapplify is a South African-based education technology company that provides a platform for the distribution and sale of digital educational materials to both institutions and individual students. Since it was set up in 2012, the company has grown and expanded beyond its home market into other territories, both in Africa and far beyond, and it now has offices in Kenya, the Netherlands and the US.

The company has developed partnerships with leading publishers in order to expand its library catalogue and it has also worked with higher education institutions to simplify issues around e-book access and e-learning adoption.

“Our goal is to continue working with partners to support the education sector by offering sustainable, reliable solutions that can be tailored to specific needs,” says CEO Wesley Lynch.

The nature of the digital environment means the company needs to constantly engage in testing and improvement of new features, in order to ensure it is providing the best possible experience to students and their teachers. “The best platforms are those that innovate quickly, but also work with educators and institutions to support them as they grow within the digital education landscape,” says Wesley.

The company works hard to maintain the innovative culture of a start-up and continues to look for new opportunities. That approach is leading it into new markets all the time. “We are currently exploring opportunities in both Botswana and Mauritius,” says Wesley. “And we have partnered with telecoms company Econet Wireless to zero-rate hundreds of thousands of education e-books and make them more easily accessible in countries around Africa.”

As it expands, the company is also just as open to learning as its customers. “We’ve worked closely with global and regional partners such as Econet Wireless and Google to learn as much as we can to adapt our offering to suit the situation on the ground,” says Wesley.