Healthcare & Education

Yearning for learning

As African cities enjoy better logistics, infrastructures and healthcare capabilities, urban households have more purchasing power and are quicker to adopt modern medicines. African governments are increasing health spending to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, while new technologies are also providing opportunities to monetise and democratise healthcare. The potential for increasing education levels in Africa is tremendous. In today’s knowledge economy, higher education has become critical. Opportunities exist by tapping into the digital revolution, with information and communication technology transforming education by expanding access to high-quality educational content.

Sector at a glance

  • 9.8% - The estimated growth rate of the african pharma industry between 2010 and 2020
  • x2 - The number of children entering primary school education in sub-Saharan Africa has more than doubled over 25 years
  • 10% - The literacy levels among 15-24-year-old sub-Saharan women improved over 10% between 2000 and 2016