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Superfluid Labs is bringing artificial intelligence to African businesses. The company, which has offices in Ghana, Kenya and Germany, has built up a team of data scientists, engineers and mathematicians. It has developed a proprietary technology platform that mines customer transactional data to predict future business events, reveal customer behaviours and trends, enhance engagement and increase overall profitability.

“Our platform enables businesses to identify and unlock hidden revenue opportunities and expand their services and impact to reach millions more customers through the power of data and artificial intelligence,” says Timothy Kotin, Co-founder and CEO.

The potential commercial gains to be made from the company’s technology has attracted some large customers, including one of the biggest local banks in Ghana, a leading asset finance bank in East Africa and a pan-African solar power company, to name just a few. “Our customer insights, credit scoring and business intelligence solutions continue to enable our growing number of clients to succeed and deliver essential services to their customers,” says Timothy. “These firms are bringing access to innovative digital financial services and products, as well as clean and affordable electricity to millions of Africans. We are proud of the impact our technology is enabling.”

While the company initially focused on signing up customers in the financial services sector, it aims, in the longer term, to expand into other sectors, taking advantage of the wider growth in the use of data. “As more organisations embrace digital technologies and channels for engaging with their customers, we expect further explosive growth in the availability of data to guide decision-making and improve business outcomes, as well as a greater awareness of this potential among key stakeholders,” says Timothy.

The ultimate aim for the company is to be recognised as the leading data analytics and artificial intelligence provider in its markets. “We also hope to be home to some of the best and brightest minds,” adds Timothy.