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BlueSPACE Africa Technologies

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BlueSPACE Africa Technologies is a financial technology integration company that works with banks and public sector institutions to ensure they are making the best possible use of technology in areas such as IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, customer insights and operational efficiency.

To achieve this, it has built up an experienced in-house IT team since it was founded in 2013. But it also works with global IT infrastructure companies such as Amazon Web Services and Hitachi, as well as FinTech firms and cybersecurity companies.

“For us, partnerships have been the bedrock of our growth, and our strategy, working with motivated employees and our client partner community,” says Samuel Amanor, Founder, CEO and VP of Sales. “I believe that building intimacy with these pillars has been the key to our success.”

Over the past year, BlueSPACE Africa has been working particularly closely with FinTech firms, building a staff hiring platform for one FinTech company and developing a partnership with global FinTech player Finastra. “The relationship with Finastra is taking us global and allowing us to play with leading banks on the African continent starting with Ghana and Nigeria,” says Samuel. “The revenue projections from this are tremendous.”

The company has its headquarters in Accra, Ghana, but it is looking to expand well beyond its home market in the coming years. “We see ourselves growing to cover most of the West African region and be the partner of choice for the top five banks in each of those countries as well as deepening our relationships with central banks and ministries of finance in these countries and working with governing bodies like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank,” says Samuel.

Among the projects it is working on, with this expansion strategy in mind, is a plan to develop cloud services for the financial services industry, which will be one of the largest of its kind in Africa.