ACIOE Associates

ACIOE Associates

Company information

  • Sector: Financial Services
  • Country of operations: Nigeria

Strategic solutions

Consultancy firm ACIOE Associates works with a large range of businesses, from start-ups to large corporates, to help them unlock strategic opportunities, establish and manage relationships with key stakeholders and to minimise and manage risks in key African markets. It also conducts on the ground market intelligence, research and due diligence, and designs and implements sustainability solutions for its clients.

Recent work has included providing strategic support on a $1bn infrastructure investment in Nigeria, which helped the client save more than $25m in taxes by securing a five-year tax holiday. It also worked with another global client to analyse policies in the cassava and tomato markets, identifying policy bottlenecks that contribute to post-harvest losses and constrain economic development.

“By playing at the nexus of business and policy, we are strategically positioned to act as a credible partner to businesses as they navigate complex policy and regulatory challenges in African markets,” says Ekenem Isichei, CEO.

In the coming years, the company is aiming to expand its operations into a number of other markets around the continent, including Ethiopia, Botswana, Mozambique and Côte d’Ivoire. As it grows, it anticipates increasing competition. “We expect our business offerings to evolve with the demands of our clients, fluctuations in commodity pricing, government policy changes and the reality of the business environment,” says Ekenem. “We expect more industry competition from law firms, big data firms and management consulting firms.”

What is not likely to change is the need for businesses to have a trusted adviser they can turn to in order to navigate what is often a complex commercial environment. “Considering the growing population and spreading democratic reforms, Africa is an attractive region for direct investment. However, there are bottlenecks around land registration, power supply, property rights, enforcement of rules and trade across borders,” says Ekenem.