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Going green

Mojec International is the largest manufacturer of electricity meters in the West African region, with a state-of-the-art plant in Lagos, Nigeria. The facility produces a range of goods, including post-paid and pre-paid meters for residential and commercial clients, and grid meters for industrial clients. The company also provides its clients with related products such as meter boxes and circuit breakers. In addition, Mojec has developed an energy management platform with a remote payment monitoring system called Mojec Power Genie.

The company has expanded its meter factory over the past year, doubling its production capacity to two million meters a year. “With a workforce of over 3,600 full-time employees, and a track record of having injected over 1.2 million meters into the Nigerian market, Mojec has contributed significantly to bridging the metering gap in Nigeria,” says Chantelle Abdul, Managing Director.

While the company has carved out a market-leading position in terms of meters, these days it is also becoming increasingly active in the wider power sector. “Today, Mojec is moving beyond metering to solve the inadequate power supply problem on the continent via its sister company, Mojec Power,” says Chantelle.

The new arm of the group will provide renewable energy to commercial and industrial clients, and to government utilities at grid level as well as power storage solutions aimed at residential users. The company is also preparing to open a research and development facility in Nigeria next year, which will look at solar panels, meters and other related products. “The firm is further leading the way on the continent by empowering end-users and homeowners to go green,” says Chantelle.

The company says it expects its workforce to triple in size over the next five years as the business grows.