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Building Africa

Leading DIY chain Bricoma first opened its doors in 2004, in the Moroccan capital Rabat. Since then it has developed a chain of 16 stores around the country, with close to 50,000 square metres of sales area. The company stocks a range of some 30,000 products across six departments, from hardware to gardening.

As it has developed, the company has learnt to adapt to the needs of customers in different parts of the country. “Very often, what works in one region is not the right approach in another region,” says Mohammed Filali Chahad, CEO. “We try to adapt our approach to make the most of each city’s opportunities. In addition, a strategy that suited us a year ago does not necessarily suit us the year after. Market conditions are constantly changing and we update our strategic plan regularly.”

Footfall and turnover have both grown at an impressive rate over the past year, with a 16% rise in revenue and a 20% increase in customer visits in 2017 – a performance that the company aims to repeat this year.

The most recent additions to the store portfolio have come in Bouskoura in the Grand Casablanca area in March 2018 and in the town of Nador in the north-east of the country in September. The company plans to continue expanding its store network while making efficiency gains behind the scenes in the next few years.

“Our business sector is not yet saturated, and we still need to increase our investments,” says Mohammed. “Our action plan is essentially aimed at expanding our network of stores, with a target of 20 stores by 2020. We are also planning to develop central purchasing with a platform dedicated to logistics and distribution. And digital is an opportunity that will not be neglected by Bricoma in the coming years.”