Les Laboratoires Biopharma

Les Laboratoires Biopharma

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The beauty of business

Cameroon’s Les Laboratoires Biopharma specialises in importing, producing and distributing cosmetics products across Sub-Saharan Africa. Since it was set up in 2001, the company has built up an in-house team of beauty experts who have local market expertise, and it uses cutting-edge marketing campaigns, state-of-the-art local production facilities and a wide distribution network.

“We strive hard to make beauty accessible to Africans,” says Francis Nana Djomou, CEO. “Our mission is to provide high-quality products, which are easily accessible at affordable prices to our consumers. Our ambition is to reach a maximum number of consumers and meet their aspirations in harmony with their needs and culture.”

From the start, the company has been developing its own products, launching brands such as Primo in 2002 and Moby Bébé in 2007. It now has 23 brands that it sells in 22 countries around the continent, attracting some three million customers. “Our ambition is to continue to capture the growth of the beauty sector in Sub-Saharan markets with the most innovative products by making them increasingly accessible for consumers,” says Francis.

The company appears confident about its prospects in the coming years, with steady growth in demand as a result of high population growth, the rising financial empowerment of women and a growing middle class. “To capture this growth, our challenge will be to increase production capacity and strengthen our position as a key player in both the local and the wider regional market,” says Francis.

However, there will also be challenges, not least in terms of access to finance. “Investing in new plants, new production facilities, research and development, and highly qualified professionals would be easier if the access to finance was easier,” says Francis.