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  • Country of operations: South Africa

Eyes on the road

Since it was founded 20 years ago, Tracker has established itself as Africa’s leading stolen vehicle recovery business. These days, however, the company is a whole lot more than that, having established itself as a major provider of data analytics for everybody from vehicle manufacturers and dealers, to insurance companies, fleet operators and consumers. It analyses behavioural and contextual telematics data to offer a range of products and services for the different markets.

The business now has more than one million active subscribers, while its systems generate more than 35 million telematics messages every day. “Tracker has transformed the way the automotive industry maximises safety, security, savings, convenience and efficiency,” says CEO Wayne de Nobrega.

“Tracker has transformed the way the industry maximises safety, security, savings, convenience and efficiency” 

One of the products enables fleet managers to track their vehicles and receive warnings if a vehicle is moved without the ignition being on or if it deviates from its planned route. Using satellite technology, the system can keep track of vehicles across Sub-Saharan Africa. The company also offers a specialised service for heavy construction machinery.

Wayne says: “Advances in technology and increased levels of connectivity have created a large amount of data industry-wide, particularly for Tracker given the size of its subscriber base. Our proprietary telematics database enables us to provide customers and industry partners with continuously enhanced and innovative solutions to improve the vehicle-ownership experience. Behavioural, contextual and other data is analysed using proprietary algorithms to provide intelligence that enables Tracker to offer a range of data-driven products and services, aimed at improving fleet operational efficiency,” he continues.

  • 35m telematics messages are generated every day by Tracker

The firm continues to explore new ways of monetising the data it’s able to collect. Its future strategy is based on strengthening its position as the leading ‘connected car’ platform, developing additional products, services and insights and expanding its customer base globally, both through organic growth and mergers and acquisitions.