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With global investment in food and agribusiness growing fast, demand for insightful, reliable data on the sector has never been greater – something Gro Intelligence has been quick to recognise.

The company has built Clews, a discovery engine for all data related to food and agriculture. The engine connects trillions of data points related to global crop production: weather, consumption, infrastructure, transportation, trade flows, prices, socio-economic indicators and environmental measurements, among others. Founder and CEO Sara Menker says: “Our users are able to extract insights and access predictive modelling on a scale never possible before, enabling agriculture to enter the modern age. The trillions of data points, and over eight million data series, represent the most extensive collection of agricultural data in a single product.

“We have found that Clews has helped everyone involved in agriculture, from traders to researchers, consultants to governments, better understand the drivers of supply and demand in agribusiness markets.”

“Clews has helped everyone involved better understand agribusiness”

Gro Intelligence started out as an Africa-centric company, but quickly realised that, given how interconnected agriculture is for all countries, a global product was needed. By making a vast amount of agricultural data available in one place at an affordable price, the business believes it has already removed some of the information asymmetry that can prevent effective decision-making and resource allocation among key players in the industry.

  • Gro Intelligence was founded in 2014

“As a small business, it is important to stay focused and true to your mission, yet also be able to adjust your path as you learn new things about the industry,” says Sara. “The ability to be flexible and learn from experiences is vital for long-term growth.”