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Bright spark

SparkMeter’s goal is to become the supplier of choice for electricity metering solutions for utilities in developing countries. If realised, the company would not only become a leading player in Africa’s energy market, but would also help transform the lives of millions of people along the way.

SparkMeter helps to improve access to electricity in under-served markets by providing low-cost smart metering for both rural micro-grids and urban central-grid utilities. The company has developed a system that uses base stations, smart meters and a software platform. It is designed for utilities serving low-income customers that, traditionally, have been hard to manage in a way that’s cost effective.

“There is a massive need for access to electricity,” says Founder and CEO Dan Schnitzer. “Larger-scale electric utilities struggle to be economically viable due to high rates of theft and low reliability. No solution on the market catered to their unique needs at an affordable price, which is why SparkMeter developed its revolutionary technology.”

“There is a massive need for access to electricity”

The company already operates in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and expects to expand its on-the-ground workforce into the US and Europe in the future.

“The micro-grid market has been expanding rapidly in the past few years and, according to the International Energy Agency, will be responsible for connecting hundreds of millions of people to reliable electricity over the next few decades,” says Dan.

  • 22 people are employed by SparkMeter, up from four when it first started out, in 2012

The company started up in 2012 with just four people, including Dan. It now numbers 22. Dan says: “We are growing our business on the strength of our value proposition and on the high value consumers place on having access to electricity.”