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Husk Power Systems supplies East Africa’s off-grid market through not one but two renewable energy sources. It’s an offering that makes the company stand out from the competition – and it’s one that’s proving a hit with customers throughout the region.

“Husk is the first company in the world to offer 100% renewable energy by uniquely combining solar PV and biomass gasification systems to produce electricity,” says CEO Manoj Sinha. “Ours is the lowest-cost solution that can deliver 24/7 AC power to both households and commercial customers such as welding machine shops, telecom towers, and rice and flour mills.”

The company, which was founded in India in 2008, began by providing electricity only at night time. However, it soon found that what its customers really wanted was to have reliable power at all times, to meet all their energy needs. “By understanding how rural customers aspired to use power, we developed an energy solution that gave them the freedom and flexibility they desired,” recalls Manoj.

“Ours is the lowest-cost solution that can deliver 24/7 AC power to both households and commercial customers”

Husk Power Systems claims that the hybrid system it has been offering since 2014, which synchronises solar and biomass gasification plants, offers the best value on the market for those customers wanting a reliable energy supply around the clock.

The system is currently in place at 80 sites, but the company is aiming to reach 1,500 sites across India and East Africa within five years, serving some 3.25 million people. Looking further ahead, Husk Power Systems wants to reach 5,000 sites within ten years’ time and, in the process, enable its customers to more easily access essential services such as water, healthcare and education, as well as create income-generating opportunities for them.

  • 80 sites currently use Husk Power Systems’ hybrid system

Manoj believes an understanding of customers and what they want is crucial to business success. “When people have power, incredible things happen,” he says. “Placing power in the hands of rural customers helps them realise aspirations and dreams they never thought could happen.”