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Many of us take safe drinking water for granted but, in fast-developing cities or remote rural areas, there are no such guarantees. Thankfully for residents in such places across Africa and India, WaterHealth International is using its purification technology to ensure the water is safe to drink.

“More than seven million people in more than 600 locations have access to pure, safe water through WaterHealth Centers,” says CEO Sanjay Bhatnagar. “In Ghana, we are in the process of deploying over 100 WaterHealth Centers, which will impact more than one million Ghanaians.”

The company has identified under-served urban areas as a key area for growth. This is being driven by two larger trends: the rapid expansion of cities in developing countries and a lack of infrastructure investment by local municipalities.

“Over seven million people in more than 600 locations have access to safe water through WaterHealth Centers”

Sanjay notes: “Demand for safe drinking water continues to grow exponentially as populations increase and existing water sources become contaminated. The demand, especially in urban areas, has outpaced availability. We are capitalising on this opportunity by working with local municipalities in Ghana, through a partnership with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and in India by installing decentralised water purification plants that provide safe, affordable access to drinking water.”

In Africa, WaterHealth currently works in Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia but has plans to expand into new regions. “We expect to have a presence in several new countries in East Africa, including Kenya and Uganda, in the coming year,” says Sanjay, who expects the global trend towards creating de-centralised, off-grid solutions for basic utilities such as power, water and the internet to continue.

  • 100+ WaterHealth Centers being deployed across Ghana will help more than one million people

“This is essential in the water sector,” he says, “and since decentralised, low-cost operations are our sweet spot, we believe we are one of the few global companies uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend.”