Luanda Medical Center

Luanda Medical Center

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  • Sector: Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Country of operations: Angola

Healthy outlook

From its pioneering disease-prevention programmes for breast and cervical cancer, to its introduction of pre-natal healthcare and screening, Luanda Medical Center (LMC) is proving that Angolans don’t have to travel abroad to receive the very latest in healthcare.

At its modern facility in the Angolan capital, LMC offers a wide range of consultation, diagnostic, imaging and surgical services in-house.

According to CEO Dr Michael Averbukh, there have been two major factors behind its development: “The first is the relatively rapid growth of the middle class in Angola, including families who, to date, have had to travel abroad for proper medical care and are increasingly interested in receiving similar quality healthcare locally,” he says. “The second factor, which has become very prominent over the last year and a half, is the growing scarcity of foreign currency in Angola. As the local population struggles with obtaining foreign currency for medical treatments abroad, their demand for excellent medical care in Angola has grown correspondingly.”

LMC treats more than 4,000 patients a month, of which nearly 40% are on low incomes. “We are redefining quality and accessible healthcare in the private sector,” says Michael. “LMC is a real game changer in the Angolan healthcare sector.”

The business is now planning to develop a number of satellite clinics in the Greater Luanda area and other provinces, and expects to double its workforce in the next few years.

“LMC is a real game changer in the Angolan healthcare sector”

Michael adds: “The private healthcare sector should concentrate on the real needs of its clients. Millions of Angolans are in need of good medical care and, with the proper progress of this industry, they will have access to it.”

  • 4,000 patients are treated by Luanda Medical Center every month