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  • Sector: Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Country of operations: Algeria

Medicinal purposes

Algeria has the second largest pharmaceutical market in Africa – and Biopharm is the largest local player in that market. Founded in 1991, shortly after the privatisation of Algeria’s healthcare system, the company today is involved in the importation, production and wholesale distribution of pharmaceutical products.

“Our main source of growth has been the strong demand in the Algerian market,” says CEO Abdelouahed Kerrar. “We have captured this opportunity by building a local team of pharmaceutical professionals with international standard capabilities, state-of-the-art local production facilities and an efficient and dense distribution network covering the whole Algerian territory.”

  • 1991 - The year in which Algeria’s healthcare system was privatised – and Biopharm was founded

Biopharm’s facilities manufacture generic medicines as well as products from major multinational companies under licence. The company also supplies some foreign markets and was the first Algerian company to be certified by the ANSM, France’s national medicine safety agency.

“We intend to broaden the scope of our markets by consolidating our position,” says Abdelouahed. “Our ambition is to continue to offer the most innovative treatments and make them increasingly accessible for Algerian and African patients.”

Biopharm has continued to gain market share in recent years, despite difficult economic conditions. “We have been able to overcome challenges by focusing on quality and service to our customers, rationalising our operational costs by putting in place focused structures for each of our activities and conducting an ambitious investment programme to develop our skills and production capabilities,” says Abdelouahed. ”And we’ve developed and strengthened our governance and managerial skills.”