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Making a connection

“Providing the glue that connects everyone to everything, every day.” That’s how Ken Njoroge, Co-founder and CEO of Cellulant, describes a company that connects consumers and businesses across Africa through its electronic payments services. These services range from allowing consumers to receive and pay bills and enabling banks to make and receive payments, to government-to-person transfers.

Cellulant has been able to ride the wave of growing mobile phone use around Africa and the enthusiasm that governments and customers across the continent are showing for digital payments. Today, the company operates in 11 countries, working to connect 700 million mobile users with more than five million businesses.
“With the exponential growth of mobile phone ownership in Africa, we have been able to work with varying parties to not just financially include people who in the past were unable to have access to financial opportunities, but to remove the hardship many face with things as simple as bill payment or subsidy recoupment,” says Ken.

Cellulant plans to expand to more countries in the coming years, starting with those that have the largest base of mobile phone users.

  • 11 - The number of African countries in which Cellulant operates

“Our current roadmap for the next few years is going to take us to 23 African countries, with a very clear certainty of going beyond that,” says Ken. “We know that the top 23 countries by the number of mobile phone users account for about 85% of Africans who own mobile phones.” It’s a strategy that fits neatly with Ken’s general philosophy for doing business. “The advice I give to my staff is be bold, dream big or go home,” he says. “The path to building a small or big business is the same, so why limit yourself to small dreams?”

The company now employs 250 people, having started life with just three and won Best Payments and Transfer Company at the 2016 African FinTech Awards.